Types of softbaits

There are countless types of softbaits that can be specifically adapted to all boundary conditions (target fish, type of water, current influence, weather and light influences).

Basically there are only two types:

1. Softbaits with integrated lead and hook: With them, all components are combined in such a way that their balanced movement perfectly resembles a battered prey fish for predatory fish.

2. Softbaits without internal weighting: These must be combined with hooks and weights by the angler himself. This requires more expertise, but offers a larger selection of possible combinations that can be perfectly adapted to any boundary condition (current, type of water, depth, etc.).

In addition, there are the following types of softbaits:

  • Shads (rubber fish)
  • twister
  • soft jerks
  • Creature Bait
  • No action shads
  • Pin tail shads
  • V-tail shads
Furthermore, they can be "upgraded" with aroma attractants , which generate an additional resemblance to real prey.