Fishing techniques with softbaits


The right technique is crucial for success when fishing with softbaits.

It is always about presenting the bait in such a way that its movements resemble those of natural prey fish as much as possible.

A targeted, natural movement imitation can succeed in directing the attention of the predatory fish to the movement of the bait.

The following fishing techniques are suitable for this:

1. Vertical fishing

The imitation of the most natural possible movement of a prey fish is achieved by letting the baits (on weights or with a jig head) sink to the bottom without casting and then moving them up and down in a vertical direction at different speeds.

This sounds simple, but requires very good intuition.

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2. Jigging & lounging

[from English "to jig": to hop / prance] With both variants, the bait is first let sink to the bottom on the taut line after it has been cast out.

By jerks on the rod (classic jigging) or 2-3 brisk turns of the crank on the reel (lazing around), the bait is then guided "jumping" over the bottom.

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