We are a team of anglers who test products on the water at an early stage until we are convinced of their catchability.

Through our extensive tests, we recognize high-quality new developments at an early stage and offer them to you.

We have therefore selected bait for you, especially from sustainable, environmentally friendly production.

Grabbed by years of fishing fever, we decided to bring our knowledge from the high-tech research of German technology companies and universities to the fishing industry.

In cooperation with German manufacturers, we develop sustainable fishing equipment together with them in order to take our fishing hobby into the 21st century.

We develop our own innovative techniques, materials and product ideas - gladly together with you as a cooperation partner.

In the future we will continue to expand and perfect our offer in sustainability and environmental protection.

Join us in seizing the new opportunities that arise from technological advances in other industries.

Become part of the BigBaitBrothers team too.

Try it out – or develop it with us. Feel free to get in touch at: info@bigbaitbrothers.com

Professional and nature-loving fishing for everyone - with mature and sustainable technology.

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