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IRIS Shocktail - 40 cm - van SPRO

IRIS Shocktail - 40 cm - van SPRO

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Discover the brand new Shocktail - the perfect bait for big fish hunters!

This softbait has been completely redesigned by SPRO and now features reinforced eye sockets and belly stinger positions to withstand even the toughest of fish.

It's not for nothing that the Shocktail, with its monstrous size of 40cm, is made for the biggest freshwater monsters from the deep.

Specially designed for use in deep water, this lure is fitted with large 3D iris eyes giving a super realistic look. The stabilizing pectoral fins and unique, alluring tail action provide an irresistible appeal that even the shyest of fish can't resist.

Don't miss the chance to see the Shocktail in action - the perfect bait for those hunting big fish. Order now and get the ultimate softbait for your fishing trips

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