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4'' Goat ToadZ by Z-MAN - 3 pieces per pack

4'' Goat ToadZ by Z-MAN - 3 pieces per pack

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The 4'' Goat ToadZ will inspire you with its outstanding features and innovative designs.

The GOAT ToadZ is buoyant enough to carry a standard 5/0 EWG hook. At the same time, its wide, bulky body and streamlined profile greatly improve casting performance. You can throw it with ease and place it where you want it.

The bespoke kicker tail design of the original GOAT line of lures maximizes mobility and flow at slow, medium or fast retrieval speeds. The lure features a "V" belly with a keel shaped "body" that provides stability and a fast, planned action. Whether you're reeling in slow or fast, the GOAT ToadZ will grab the attention of predators.

There are four back grooves on the top of the ToadZ to help you set up the lure with a single or double frog hook. The ribs not only provide protection for the hook tips but also prevent the bait from tangling in grass or other cover. At the same time, they still allow easy penetration into the perch's jaws.

The GOAT ToadZ is made of 10X Tough ElaZtech®, which gives it maximum buoyancy and at the same time extreme durability. You can use it over and over again without losing its effectiveness.

10cm (4 inches)

Weight: 14g

Widegap hook: Gr. 4/0 - 5/0

3 pieces per pack

Made in USA

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