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Monkey Lures

Fat Lui 18 cm von Monkey Lures

Fat Lui 18 cm von Monkey Lures

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The Fat Lui was designed by Monkey Lures for fishing for pike and zander with a jig head, shallow screw or screw head assembly and belongs in the bait box of every experienced pike professional.

Due to the combination with a relatively voluminous body, the protruding shovel tail creates a particularly strong flanking lure movement, which develops evenly over the entire length of the lure. At the same time, the Fat Lui is made of an exceptionally soft elastomer for its size.

As a result, the swimming movements appear extraordinarily realistic even with a very slow bait movement. And the fact that the bait can be easily folded in as a result also reduces missed bites.

A particularly large eye with an X serves as a special target stimulus for predatory fish, which directs the bites to the head area.

Due to its swimming movement, it is not only suitable for jigging, but also perfect for trolling in open water.

The bait colors have therefore been precisely adapted to the visual perception of predatory fish in our local waters.

With clear water and good visibility, realistically natural colors with little UV activity, which optimally imitate the prey fish. In poor, cloudy visibility conditions, conspicuous decorations with a lot of UV activity, which are intended to stimulate the bite via a reflex orientation reaction.

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