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Flat Matt Jig 28g 8.5cm from WESTIN

Flat Matt Jig 28g 8.5cm from WESTIN

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Discover the Westin Flat Matt Jig - jig hook + soft baits, a lure that catches almost as much as dynamite! When the big halibut are hunting in shallow, sandy areas, a small plaice or flounder is an irresistible snack for them. The Westin Flat Matt Jig perfectly mimics the panicked movement of a flounder and gets the predatory fish frolicking. With this lure you have an ace up your sleeve.

The Westin Flat Matt Jig is a sea lure specifically designed for deep sea fishing for cod and halibut. Its unique flounder replica and active eyes create an irresistible visual appeal that draws the predatory fish's attention. The tough coating ensures durability, while the sharp and strong sea hooks provide reliable hooking.

Whether you let the Westin Flat Matt Jig wriggle at the bottom or slowly lead it up in midwater, the bites will come brutally! This bait provides action-packed fishing moments and increases your chances of a successful catch.
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