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GOT BRAID! "Weed Green" - The innovative line from SPRO

GOT BRAID! "Weed Green" - The innovative line from SPRO

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Discover a new dimension of state-of-the-art fishing lines.

Innovative Japanese technology is used here to ensure that the cord fibers are consistently compact even at low tension.

With this innovative braid design, we offer you a fishing line with four outstanding advantages:

1. The line is super smooth

2. It hardly absorbs any water

3. It is extremely sensitive to any change in the bait

4. Holds the optimal tension for modern lure fishing

"Weed Green" is the perfect choice when stealth is the key to success. The green color allows you to blend in seamlessly with the environment being fished, giving you an edge.

This line is an essential accessory for any angler looking to take their performance to the next level. Discover an innovative premium fishing line and experience the precision and efficiency you've always wanted.

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