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RenkyOne XL 35cm

RenkyOne XL 35cm

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Brand new in 2022: The XL version of the legendary RenkyOne.

Now it's getting big! Since particularly large lures repeatedly prove to be true pike magnets and considering that the normal size of a whitefish on most waters is 30cm+, it was only a matter of time before the FishingGhost RenkyOne came in XL 35cm.

After all, why shouldn't large pike specifically hunt large prey fish? Or how often have other prey fish with more than 40cm been found in the necks of pike?

Now you can go specifically for big pike. The 35cm RenkyOne floats just as filigreely and elegantly as the 25cm version. This was not so easy to implement, considering the weight and volume. Like all FishingGhost lures, the RenkyOne 35cm was developed in long work and many prototypes at Lake Starnberg and tested on many European waters.

The XL variant dives about 1 meter deeper than its smaller siblings at the same towing speed. The leader and the snap rings carry approx. 80KG, so the RenkyOne XL can also be used for catfish (catfish) and sea fish.

Since this is purely a trolling bait, the rod does not have to have a casting weight of 500g, because you don't throw the bait, you pull it. A rod with approx. 150-200g, such as the FishingGhost RenkyStick, is sufficient.

The special thing about RenkyOne is the filigree, elegant swimming behavior, just like real renken. In addition, the lip is not glued and can easily slide out of the bait without damaging the bait.

The bait comes completely ready to fish, with a coated leader, 2 robust and sharp treble hooks and a second spare lip. In the event of a bite, the rear hook can slide out of the bait and again and again through the FishingGhost pin system in a way that is gentle on the material be put back.

The appearance, the swimming behavior and the Hand-sprayed paint details are of course also used on the XL Renky. The rubber material is the original FishingGhost Pike Gum. The colors are also sealed and thus guarantee a long shelf life, even with many pike attacks.

Of course, the RenkyOne also works in waters where there are no whitefish, as it is generally a classic whitefish shape that is also very similar to other prey fish.

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