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RenkyShad XL 22 cm

RenkyShad XL 22 cm

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The RenkyShad as a rubber fish with a length of 22 cm

The classic FishingGhost Renky Shad rubber fish for pike and zander. It is perfect for casting, trolling, jigging and more. This size is very universal.

The shape was based on a small whitefish (or small forage fish), which can be found in almost all freshwater lakes and is a popular prey fish for predatory fish.

The special plate tail fits perfectly to the slightly more voluminous body shape and generates a lot of pressure under water. The bait tumbles - depending on the rig type - sometimes more, sometimes less - just as you want it.

You can equip the RenkyShad 22 cm with a classic jig head and fear hook, but also with towing systems and shallow rigs. The rubber material is also the very robust FishingGhost PikeGum and easily withstands frequent hook changes.

All colors are sprayed by hand and some have great UV accents. The colors are sealed to also guarantee a long shelf life.

RenkyShad 22 cm is available in seven different unique colors and comes in a beautiful box packaging.

Pike and zander love the RenkyShad 22 cm.

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