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ShadTeez Hollow 12cm / 9g - 2 per pack - by WESTIN

ShadTeez Hollow 12cm / 9g - 2 per pack - by WESTIN

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Discover the revolutionary lure innovation taking the fishing world by storm - the Westin ShadTeez Hollow! With its perfect size of 12cm and a weight of 9g, this lure is the ultimate choice for big fish of all kinds.

What really sets the ShadTeez Hollow apart is its innovative design. A generous air chamber combined with side holes ensure this lure is playfully easy to fold - and that is key to its exceptional hook rate! Fish will simply inhale this bait and you will experience fewer casualties.

Perch and walleye anglers will love the weed-free presentation of this lure. Thanks to the clever slits in the back and belly, you can cleverly hide the hook and easily fish the bait in dense cover.

Also, the action of the ShadTeez Hollow is simply stunning. Its excellent belly flash action and the lovingly hand-painted details make it a real killer lure. No matter what speed you choose, this lure will retain its alluring appeal and will win over predators even at slow retrieving speeds.

Add this standout lure to your tackle box and grab the trophies of the season!

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