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ShadTeez Slim 18cm / 33g - 1 per pack - by WESTIN

ShadTeez Slim 18cm / 33g - 1 per pack - by WESTIN

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Discover the irresistible bait that will captivate even the most stubborn predatory fish!

The new 18 cm FlexiShad is a new classic in Westin lure development and convinces with its slim, extremely flexible shape, which creates a seductive action in the water, regardless of the reeling speed!

This sleek and versatile soft lure with its realistic movement and irresistible attractiveness.

It doesn't matter whether you present it plucking, jigging or vertically - the Westin FlexiShad guarantees big catches and will impress you with its free-running properties.

The rubber fish is not only free of toxic phthalates, but also convinces with hand-painted, detailed colors and realistic eyes. Its perfect balance and smooth-running paddle tail make it the star of the underwater world.

Thanks to the notches on the belly side and the practical grooves for offset hooks, you can adjust the bait according to your preferences and provoke targeted attacks with the offset/weed protection assembly.

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