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WESTIN DropBite Spin Tail Jig 2.6cm 8g

WESTIN DropBite Spin Tail Jig 2.6cm 8g

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Are you looking for a versatile bait for your fishing trips? Then this version of the popular DropBite is for you!

With an internal zinc core and a semi-soft body, this lure offers a unique combination of stability and flexibility.

Compared to the tungsten version, this lure can be fished slower and shallower. An ideal catch-up speed is in the slow to medium range in order to present it optimally in a water depth of 1-5 meters. The translucent body allows the use of three-dimensional colors that make the design even more realistic and detailed. This takes the attractiveness of our SpinTail to a new level.

The custom designed Colorado blade is anchored directly into the body and provides enticing vibrations that make the lure wobble seductively. Predatory fish from near and far are magically attracted. Whether you use it on the deep lake or on the river, this extremely detailed lure works in any body of water. And the best thing is: It can be used both from the boat and from the bank.

Of course, we value environmental sustainability, so this bait is lead-free. The semi-soft body is free from toxic phthalates and is therefore environmentally friendly. The ultra sharp and strong carbon steel hooks ensure a secure hold and increase your chances of catching.

An integrated ball bearing swivel allows for smooth rotation and eliminates line tangles. The active eyes give the bait a realistic appearance and increase the catching effect.

Each lure is hand painted with detailed colors to ensure an authentic look. The tight and erratic swimming action makes the lure particularly attractive to predatory fish and makes for an enticing presentation in the water.

With its compact and far-flying design, you can also reach distant places in the water. Whether you're fishing from the bank or from a boat, this lure is the perfect choice.

Get your own DropBite bait now and experience unforgettable fishing experiences! With its outstanding properties and versatility, you will certainly achieve impressive catches.

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