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WESTIN MonsterVibe Colorado 65g Black Mamba

WESTIN MonsterVibe Colorado 65g Black Mamba

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Discover the MonsterVibe Colorado - the ultimate spinnerbait for your next fishing trip! This high-quality, high-performance bait system was specially developed for catfish and big pike fishing and sets new standards in terms of quality and functionality. The renowned Danish premium manufacturer Westin has created a real treasure for modern predatory fish anglers.

The realistic look of the head gives the MonsterVibe Colorado an authentic look, while the long, high-quality skirts nestle perfectly against the body. At the slightest line pull, the fringes hug the body and puff out enticingly as soon as you spin stop. Thanks to the extremely stable wire, the spinnerbait retains its shape, even with pike over 120 cm. The eyelet has also been tightly locked for maximum stability, so the snap always stays securely in place.

The absolute highlight are the two spinner blades in the Colorado Leaf variant! Westin has once again set standards and developed an extremely stable spinner blade, which is available in silver, gold, orange or black, depending on the decor. The bait management is very simple - cast out and reel in! It's that simple. But be careful: The MonsterVibe Colorado generates incredible pressure under water, so that even pike and catfish from a great distance will notice the huge tin bait. Thanks to the natural weed protection, the bait can also be used in very shallow water and provokes a hard bite reflex in annoyed predatory fish!

The razor-sharp, thick-wire main hook not only enables safe hook guidance, but also offers the option of attaching an additional trailer. In addition, the MonsterVibe Colorado has an equally stable trailer hook, which can also be used to securely hold predatory fish that are cautiously biting. A colour-coordinated Westin RingTeez is factory fitted to further increase the attractiveness of the lure. We personally have already had great experiences with the MonsterVibe Colorado on our heavy pike rods and can therefore warmly recommend this tin lure!

Whether you're fishing on rivers, lakes or large bodies of water - the MonsterVibe Colorado will lure every big pike and catfish out of hiding! Don't miss the chance to add this unbeatable spinnerbait to your fishing gear and start making impressive catches. Order the MonsterVibe Colorado today and look forward to exciting fishing experiences!

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